Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crocheted Hat of the Month

The first crochet Hat of the Month is fashioned after an African wedding hat - and is the first of many crocheted hats to come from Stitch Therapy. I learned to crochet in shop class at Nathanial Horthorne JHS 74 in Bayside, Queens when I was in the sixth grade. This was about two years before they allowed girls to take wood shop and the boys had to learn how to cook and sew.

This hat is an any gauge any yarn hat - I have given the formula to this hat to many crocheters over the past four years, and have added a few stitch embellishments to make it entertaining. This pattern is in single crochet, but it can also be made with half double or double crochet stitching. Download the pattern in the sidebar.

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