Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Lana Grossa Ibiza Cotton Blend Ribbon
When you walk into a yarn shop these days the yarns sometimes call to you before you can decide on your next creation. All the pure, bright and clear colors reach in and pull on the pleasure strings drawing on memories from your past. Have you ever considrered why you like or choose a color.

Traditionally we all have our own personal color pallette, if you look though your yarn stash and seperate each yarn by color group you will find that within your stash each color might have an intimate relationship with the next. Why does this mean anything to you, well that would be up to you what are you going to make with the yarn in your basket full hanks or scraps that are leftover. First seperate by gauge and then by color this is an opportunity to see what yarns you own, it is also fun.

Sarah's Rambling Rows Blanket
What do you have and what will you be able to make think about how you can create a new fabric. Will you put two or three strands of yarn together creating a larger gauge and a tweedy texture for a chunky cowl or will you stripe a group of colors together for a neckdown button up?    My friend Sarah made a beautiful Rambling Rows baby blanket out of scrap yarns left over from a few years of earlier knit and crochet projects.  Rambling Rows is a modular knit, no sewing knit one square at a time all attached as you go.  Worked in five color and all mapped out -- you can create the palette using as many colors as you like and wherever you see the colors fitting in.
Sarah makes many baby gifts, however after gifting the blanket she later told me that she wished she had kept that one.
Susan's Rambling Rows in Zitron Opus 1

The gem tones that Sarah chooses with each project somehow came together to create a lovely piece of comfort for a beautiful baby. When I saw it each little parcel of color worked to enhance another Sarah was the designer. This is whereyou come in, the secret is that you have already begon the design process when you chose your colors.

Neckdown Stripes.
When I choose the yarn for Stitch Therapy I sometimes hold my head because it is the most nerve racking thing that I have to do. Selecting color involves so many elements come it is not just the colors that are in my personal palette I have to envision how the colors that I don't like enhance the ones that I do like. Then I have to remember the colors that you like and the colors that you pair together. And last do I have a full range from yellow to black.
Crocheted Stripes.

  All you have to do is choose the colors you like!
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