Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fashioning Felt

On view March 6–September 7, 2009 - COOPER HEWITT Museum/NYC

This exhibition will explore the varied new uses of felt—an ancient material, believed to be one of the earliest techniques for making textiles. Made by matting together wool fibers with humidity and friction, felting requires little technological expertise and is an extremely versatile material. The exhibition will begin with historic examples of felts, showcase innovations in handmade felts, and feature contemporary uses of industrial felt in a range of fields, including product design, fashion, architecture, and home furnishings.

Calling All Knitters - Crocheters too!!!!

Do you spend hours searching for the perfect yarn and patterns to knit something fantastic? Is knitting a “must-have” in your life? Well, Martha Stewart has the perfect show for you! Coming up in March we are dedicating an entire show to knitting!

Whether you love to knit scarves, blankets or sweaters, whether you’re a beginner or experienced knitter, we want you in our studio audience with your favorite knitting project in hand!

If you’re interested in requesting tickets for our knitting show please be sure to tell us about your knitting passion and what project you plan to bring with you…the more details the better! (If this show does not apply to you please do not request it).

Please visit the Martha Stewart website to request tickets.
Hurry before tickets run out!