Autumn window
The store owner, Maxcine, is a wonderful teacher. I have a whole new way of knitting thanks to her advice! Plus the yarns there are gorgeous.
A delightful experience!  

Very helpful and welcoming owner. Extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel like a friend instead of just a customer.

Baby Surprise Jacket
Maxcine is so friendly and really can point you in the right direction whether you're a beginner or an old pro. The selection of yarns is breathtakingly beautiful. This is my go-to knitting store!!!
Mystery Blanket Squares
Maxcine was SO nice and super helpful! I bought my first needles and yarn today, and I definitely plan on coming back for a class, as well as checking out the knitting circles. Maxcine helped me pick out a good yarn for a beginner like me, she recommended the right size needles, she provided me with a couple of resources, and even got a row started for me. Stitch Therapy is an adorable little shop, Maxcine obviously takes such personal care of her customers, and I look forward to returning!
Most sincerely, Margaret-Ellen Jeffreys

Hi Maxcine!!!
A little note to thank you for your time and help!!!! I just downloaded the mystery blanket pattern and I will start knitting NOW!!!!   Was very nice to meet you!!! I will come to NY very soon and let you know….

 by the way ….the food was good in Fornino!!!! I found that the restaurants in Brooklyn are much better than Manhattan restaurants……
I let you go now…because you have another happy customer coming into your store!!!
Thanks again………..have a nice day!!!


Shout out to Stitch Therapy Brooklyn - I'm a beginner at knitting - I took the beginner class, went to a few knitting circles, and just go in when I need help (which is often). Love Maxcine and think the store is a great fit with Brooklyn Mercantile (shout out to them as well)
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Crocheted Flowers
It was really wonderful spending time with you! I hope that you come visit the Bay Area soon. Dad would love to show you around and Jeanine and I would love to hang out more!
Cheers and best,

--- I was in your shop today and you helped me and my boyfriend w/ directions to Red Hook. I wanted to thank you for being so helpful and pleasant, I really appreciate it.
I wanted to let you know the size 7 needles are perfect - almost finished with half of a sleeve again and its much better. you saved me from a very long and borning bus ride
home tomorrow!

Stitch Therapy is now on my list of places to re-visit in Brooklyn!
Thanks for being so wonderful!

I love this place because she doesn't carry the same yarns most NYC yarn shops carry. Nice owner who can help recommend yarns and help with gauge. She carries Japanese brand needles, too. She shares her space with a fabric shop, which comes in handy if you're also a quilter. 

--- I'm an artist and peace-lover who re-discovered that knitting opens the door to wearable art and wearable love. Thank you for the inspiration and sweet atmosphere of your shop. A rare thing in todays ever tougher world. I will be sure to come in and say hi, patronize your shop, even if I already have a bulging yarn closet, and tell folks about you that I meet when I return to Fort Hamilton. Thanks, also for the free patterns and knitting info. Your appreciative client and friend - Marcia

Stitch Therapy is my happy place I LOVE stitch therapy and I LOVE Maxcine the owner. The small store is packed full of hand-picked high-quality yarn. She always make sure that she has some yummy inexpensive options and plenty of yarn on sale for the more budget-conscious and she rotates her stocks every couple of month so there is always something new to knit. I have been going there regularly for a year and it is never a problem to sit there, knit and chat with Maxcine, be it for 30 minutes or the afternoon. She knows her regular customer very well and she knows how to please them. She loves to help her customers achieve excellency in knitting and she will never hesitate to demonstrate a technique you are having trouble with if you understand that she can't possibly give you an hour lesson with a store to run. She is a master with colour and has helped me and others many time to coordinate projects. She has inexpensive knitting circles every other Sunday for every possible knitting problem you might have that are not trivial enough to deal with on the spot.

A Skirt made for Barcelona!
Maxcine is awesome! Patterns are like a foreign language to me and I hate following them. She showed me how to make simple beanie type hats without a pattern, I think I made about 30 of them!