Friday, June 22, 2012


Come to the opening reception Saturday, June 30 from 6-10pm.

June 30 - August 5, 2012
Reception: Saturday, June 30 6-10pm
Grumpy Bert @ DeKalb Market

Across from Stitch Therapy

138 Willoughby St. Brooklyn, NY

We're super excited and would like to invite you to attend our upcoming exhibition, Plush Stories : These Plush of Mine.
We've chosen over 50 plush stories and photos, coming from as far as Scotland, Trinidad & Tobogo, United Kingdom and Australia. The stories range everything from heartbreaks to reunions. Some plush are simply cute, others just strange. Regardless, all of the personal stories come from one common place, their plush.

There will be music, plenty of food and shopping all night long.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


It's vintage wood box nite at American Collectables at Dekalb Market. Why? Stop by to find out.

The versatility of vintage wooden boxes has made them one of this season’s most popular collectables.  Because they come in so many different sizes, shapes, colors and textures, and you can use them in any room of the the house for either practical uses or as decorative art.  And while prices for these collectables have begun to rise, you can still find good bargains for an attractive, hand-crafted vintage wooden box that adds new visual dimensions to any room in the house.

Use vintage wood boxes to:

  • Store throw pillows in the living room, or simply as a piece of art on a table or on the fireplace mantle.

  • Compliment your bedroom bureau as a new home for your jewelry or special trinkets

    Looks like a card catalogue
    but made by a jeweler in 1960s
    to organize his findings.
  • Brighten up the kitchen counter when filled with utensils, dishes, or packaged foods

  • Make an intriguing dining room centerpiece filled with fresh flowers in the Spring and Summer, or with dried floral arrangements around the Autumn and Winter holidays, and use a long, low primitive hand-crafted wood box as a place for salt and peppers, condiments and napkins

  • Store your yarn in a box made of antique wood, and marvel at how the contrast between the yarns’ bright colors and the deep, rich, wood tones compliments any room

  • Eliminate clutter in the home office or study and keep important papers safe in wood boxes, or use them as small bookshelves.

Another of the pleasures of using vintage wood boxes is how attractive they are when used as just as you found them, or, if you are looking for a project they can easily be brightened up with just a little sandpaper, some stain or a neutral-colored water-based paint, and a tint or acrylic paint to add a little color.

Whether you displaying wooden treasure boxes, artfully building a stack of antique wood boxes to make a piece of sculpture in the home, or using wood boxes for storing your possessions right out in the open, you’ll instantly see how decorative vintage wooden boxes add character to any part of your house, and serve as a practical solution  for all your storage needs.

Donald Kaplan is owner/curator of American Collectables, a shop specializing in vintage Americana at the Dekalb Market at 138 Willoughby St in Downtown Brooklyn.  He can be found at Shops #1 and #2 at Dekalb Market

Friday, June 8, 2012


Stitch Therapy Shipping Container #57 
Stitch Therapy is excited to announce the first of three nights "Under the Stars" dedicated to fiber arts at the DeKalb Market in Brooklyn.
Organized through Meet-Up these  knit/crochet nights are also a charity knit/crochet to benefit the Henry Street Settlement.  Bring your pre-knit/crochet hats, cowls, mittens, scarves and blankets to Stitch Therapy and I will deliver the donation the Henry Street Settlement in Manhattan.  Stitch Therapy will also offer a 10% discount on yarn purchased to make a donation item!  If you want to make your first hat Stitch Therapy will get you started in the round.

My little yarn shop Stitch Therapy recently relocated to the shipping container DeKalb Market on Willoughby Street at Flatbush Avenue the retail shops, beer/wine garden and food vendors will be open late as part of the evenings. 

You can eat, drink, shop and create your way though the evening. 
Meet-Up Dates:  June 13, July 11 and August 1 -Wednesday nights from 6:00 - 9:30 pm.

ALL KNITTING GROUPS ARE WELCOME - Please spread the word, especially if you belong to other meetup groups.  Hope to see you there!

Featured Vendors

 Tea for Two
Grumpy Bert

15% off all jewelry
and complimentary wine

Honeysuckle & Hearts Vintage
15% discount on selected items

Nile Valley Juices
Tell them Stitch Therapy sent you!

Try the hibiscus ice tea

 Lanie Lynn Vingtage
 will be offers 20% off vintage jewelry!