Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have always said that "people buy your expertise" so in an effort to endure the economic condition of 2009 I have entered into barter arrangements and lent out my hands for services rendered.

In all I have committed to custom knit four or five items: one pair of purple tweed cashmere cable knit fingerless gloves; one tan alpaca lace beret; one aubergene alpaca lace shrug with a slite belle sleeve; a luxurious pair of long southwestern colored fingerless gloves made from alpaca, merino and silk; cable knit sleeves in Joker purple and green; and possibly one pair of socks.

The other day I started my third item "the lizzy" -- a spring/fall staple at the shop that has evolved into a stylish knit since its incarnation three summers ago - the neckdown shrug knit in the old faggoted lace rib is an effortless four row repeat and easily doubles as a scarf on a cool day.
I'm doing the knitting and in exchange received: a suitcase full of yarn from abroad; professional financial services; design and editing services; a Super Bowl poem, and time. The barter system in lieu of cash makes the exchange a priceless value between friends.


  1. I'm wearing those gorgeous Southwestern colored alpaca fingerless gloves right now and they're scrumptious! xoxo.

  2. Hi Maxcine,
    It was fun to hang out in your shop today, and thanks for going over the lace pattern with me. It made my time spent in my knitting group tonight a lot more productive. See you soon, Karen


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