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Stitch Therapy is running two sessions of this workshop w/ BECKY WALKER, Felt maker.

Wool is an unique fiber – different from all other fur or hair – because, under the right conditions, it can “stick” together to form a fabric, without having been woven or sewn.  Under a microscope, we can see the tiny, overlapping scales that cover each strand.  With the addition of hot water and soap, those scales open, the core of the fiber swells, the fibers catch onto each other.  With repeated pressure* and agitation* the air is forced from between the fibers, and they can lock together more securely.  Wool also shrinks when it exposed to temperature changes, so this factor also contributes to the felting process.

Felt is the oldest known fabric, predating spinning and weaving.  No one knows exactly when or how it was discovered, but it has been used for centuries for clothing, housing, and other practical purposes.  Several different cultures have embraced its usefulness through the ages.  Recently, this ancient product has found its way into the art/craft world.  Although still being made for traditional purposes, it is now used to produce artwork for purely aesthetic reasons.
Felt making is an art form that is accessible to everyone.  It requires very little in the way of equipment.  Once the principles are understood, there are very few rules!  Patience and effort are rewarded… the only mistake is not working hard enough!
Felt Making is an art form that is accessible to everyone.
·     No knit or crochet involved
·       Express yourself with colorful wool roving
·     3 hour workshop
·       Workshop fee: $55.00
Class materials Fee: $25.00
DATESaturday, September 14th
TIME10:00 am or 2:00 pm

Register now with Paypal or call 718/398-2020

Workshop & Materials

Learning to knit was my first experience in the fiber arts, and many sweaters and pairs of sock later, it is still a passion.  The desire to keep sheep encouraged me to learn to spin, and because of my active nature, to make felt.
Becky Walker  with her flock.
A felt making class in the early 1990’s began my exploration of wool and its possibilities.  Although quite ancient, felt has recently found its way into fine arts and crafts circles.  Since I live in the South, felt clothing is impractical, so I began thinking of useful items for the home.  Throughout history, the artist has found ways to make utilitarian items beautiful, and this urge has become my focus. 
Some further study and a lot of experimentation have brought me to a level of instructional expertise and artistic production that has allowed me to teach classes and workshops for adults and children.

 My formula for felt making is:  Wool + Hot Water +Soap + “Elbow Grease” = FELT!  It is my goal to make this activity accessible to anyone and to help each student be successful in producing a piece of art that can be used.

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