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Private Lessons cut through the confusion ...

How do YOU do It?


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Stitch Therapy is a place to go if you want to interact with an experienced and passionate lovers of yarn who will work with you one on one.

Knitters and crocheters have been enjoying Stitch Therapy classes for over 9 years, our instructors are carefully chosen, a private lesson subscription will strengthen your comprehension of technique and instructions at a fraction of the cost.

Stitch Therapy Instructors are amongst the most talented knitters and crocheters that I have meet over the past ten years and some of you have had the pleasure of learning from then.  Stitch Therapy is very lucky to have, Kim, Tony, Kris,  and myself,  the four of use cover many aspects of the needlework crafts including finger Knitting for kids.
yarn pleasure ...
Crochet ...
3 months  $150.00

Enhance your yarn pleasure

Do you want to enhance your yarn pleasure, projects and skills in knitting or crochet but you life is too busy  for our itemize class schedule?  Let us help you find a comfort level with your projects. Subscribe to a subscription for private lessons of your choosing.

With a subscription you can schedule an appointment at you leisure .  In one hour sessions twice a month)  This is a chance for you to increase you needlecraft skill, this time it fit in your passion into your busy schedule
Man Knitting ...
6 months  $400.00

Knit or Crochet

No matter the technique knit or crochet Stitch Therapy has a crew of teachers ready for you.  Stitch Therapy is about eliminating and concurring your fears of stitch work and reading patterns in knit or crochet.
Garter Stitch...Knitting every row
1 year $1,500.00

Fiber Meets your Skill

These days the yarn does most of the work, however the fiber is meant to meet your skills set whether you are fixing dropped stitches, running a life line  undoing  a row or learning how to read your stitches.  Call to purchase your subscription 718/398-2020

Regular rate for private lessons is $25.00 per (1) half hour.offer expires 6/28/2013. Subscription calendar begins with your first lesson
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