Monday, June 7, 2010


Thursday June 10 through Sunday June 13th

Here is a chance to pick up a few balls of the favorite yarns that you have been dreaming of, get a jump start on your holiday gifts with a quick summer projects.

We have lots of free patterns for creative 2-3 ball projects. I have attached two patterns that are getting alot of buzz amongst your fellow needlecrafters.

Check out to see what we have been making.
Plan ahead and see if your favorite yarn or books are on the list.

25% OFF

Debbie Bliss Baby cashmerino, Fez, Alpaca Silk Aran
Berroco - comfort chunky
Aslan Trends Del Sur, Invernal- merino/angora, Guanaco-Alpaca Blends
Punta - Twist handpainted chunky merino, Merisock Handpainted
Loop-d-Loop - Granite
Marble chunky
Colinette - Jitterbug
Karabella Aurora Bulky
Lana Grossa - Chiara, Silkhair, Vespa, Gnocchi
Noro - Silk Garden Sock

And everything on the SALE TREE

20% OFF

Berroco Cuzco
Joseph Galler - Prime Alpaca, Pashmina
Jade Sapphire - Cashmere scarf kits for her, Mongolian Cashmere 2 ply
Alpaca with a Twist - Big Baby

15% OFF

Books and Patterns too!

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  1. Maxine,

    I am back in Wisconsin (I'm the lady who had new twin grandbabies-- and came in because I'd fallen in love with your website and ideas online). Left Brooklyn May 15, and will most certainly be back for as many visits as I can manage on a slimming budget. I will keep a steady eye on your blog, and want to say again, the kind, patient instruction you gave me encouraged me to really revive knitting in my life. It has been transformational--- I'm an artist and peace-lover who re-discovered that knitting opens the door to wearable art and wearable love. Thank you for the inspiration and sweet atmosphere of your shop. A rare thing in todays ever tougher world. I will be sure to come in and say hi, patronize your shop, even if I already have a bulging yarn closet, and tell folks about you that I meet when I return to Fort Hamilton. Thanks, also for the free patterns and knitting info. Your appreciative client and friend, Marcia Riquelme


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