Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This one's for you Sherlock! - The Mystery Blanket Stitch-Along

For the creative knitter who's not afraid of a challenge, the Stitch Therapy Mystery Blanket Stitch-Along project is just for you. Experiment with a variety of knitting stitches and textures from stitch to stitch, unveiling each mystery as you knit. You play detective as clues come in the form of your favorite authors and writers; each square is named after a famous writer, perhaps giving you an indication of what to expect, or perhaps not – let's not give away too much at once! Details of their life span and a title of one of their well-known works adds to the fun.If you are daring and up for an adventure get involved! And for those of you who like the idea, but want to thread carefully, feel free to drop in to the shop on a Wednesdays between 4:00 – 6.30pm to pick out your yarn and get started with some basic stitch therapy! Happy Knitting!

Visit the knit-along blog to download your free patterns.

This summer on Wednesday between the hours of 4:00 - 6:30pm if you need help and you have purchased the yarn from Stitch Therapy feel free to drop in.

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