Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This jewel of a knit is a nice quick project for the summer and a great accessory for the fall. While I was on vacation in Jamaica I did one strand of this necklace a day. This is Sev[en] Circles a free pattern online by Kirsten Johnstone you can find it on

I used three yarns: Lana Grossa - Chiara (mohair and viscose) in violet (lighter color), Chiara has a metallic quality which adds a shimmer, then I held two yarns together - Lana Grossa Silkhair (mohair and silk) in purple and Naturally Dawn wool and silk) in violet. When these two yarns are held together it creates a stretchy fabric.

You can knit this project in your own style the pattern calls for seven strands but I did nine. Some of my customers are making the strands longer to drape passed the collar bone. Since I am a loose knitter do I used a 24" size 4.

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