Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sophie Digard: Pretty in Paris

Clothing as a form of art is often mocked by those who seldom see the creativity, skill and expression that are often found within design. The appreciation of apparel on a serious level is sometimes confused with vanity, arrogance and almost always pretence, yet it could be argued that the beautiful crochet creations of Sophie Digard show, to the unfamiliar eye, the potential of regarding fashion as an art form.

The French designer's hand-crafted designs come in an array of shapes and forms, from scarves to necklaces, bags to berets – just about everything you could wish for is covered. Rich in earthly shades and complimentary tones, her use of colour is inspirational; creating a mood that is reminiscent of the English countryside – a peaceful elegance.

In particular her scarves are to be adored. The spring connotations that arise when studying a Sophie Digard scarf are so vivid that only memories of bright summer days enter your thoughts. Most are comprised of tiny 'fleurs' and crochet circles stitched together, creating a classic vintage look as well as an artistic master piece. So detailed, so innovative and yet so at ease, Digard's beauties are faultless. Using fine wool, linen, or a simple sewing thread the Parisian's crocheted idiosyncratic pieces are garments to be treasured for years to come.


  1. I think this is beautiful, your blog is divine and very inspiring!

    Best wishes
    Julia xxx

  2. I am in love with Sophie Digard designs, and, in fact, I own the very scarf you show but in a different color combination. I ordered it from Ped Shoes and although I had studied the work carefully using the site's "zoom" button, I was gobsmacked by how absolutely exquisite it was in person! I have never worn my Sophie Digard scarf without countless people stopping me to ask about it.


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