Thursday, May 21, 2009


The Belle Bag

The lovely people at Stitch Therapy are continuously thinking about your needs. These hard-working fellows have realised that tiny needles, loose threads and all the wonderful pieces of haberdashery that you’ve been collecting can easily be misplaced causing bouts of heartache and anger among you Knitters and crocheters.

The answer to all your problems? The Belle bag. A cute little bag, in denim or adorned with flowers, to hold all your precious bits in. This exclusive bag, designed and made by Rapheal Huggins, could even double up as a bag to use when out and about. Worthwhile and easy to maintain, the Belle bag is well suited to all your needs.

At $40.00 these limited edition bags are going to sell out fast! You'd better hurry if you want the ones embellished with Rhinestone...
Also, the Knitting Messenger Bag with all the compartments - Great for the summer! Knitting Needle cases are also on-sale.

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